Raw, CO2 – extracted


For healthy nervous system support

The only truly whole food, full spectrum, raw hemp extract available

Hempanol is truly unique. It`s the only truly whole food, full spectrum, whole hemp plant extract available. Plus, it is extracted from certified organic hemp plant material. As well, it`s 100% raw, being processed exclusively with only CO2 supercritical extraction.


Unlike other extracts, no chemicals are ever used. CBD oil is typically processed with a wide range of solvents, including butane, or lighter fluid, hexane, acetone, isopropyl alcohol, or rubbing alcohol, ethanol and ethyl acetate, the latter being similar to fingernail polish remover. Plus, all other CBD-like oils are heated, often as high as 280 degrees. This corrupts the delicate hemp molecules, while destroying the ultra-sensitive terpenes. In fact, CBD oils are purposely depleted of terpenes in the attempt to give a less “bitter”taste.


Hempanol is also unique because it is American-grown, derived from hemp grown on USDA-monitored fields. It is specifically managed to be low in THC, and thus, there is no detectable THC in Hempanol supplements.


It`s a wild, rocky mountain, high-elevation source grown on pure, healthy-giving rocky soil. This is why Hempanol is the cleanest, purest and most potent hemp extract available.


The ripe plants are harvested and then processed by natural CO2 under pressure, which provides the full terpene profile. The raw terpenes and other key components are essential, as their rawness allows them to penetrate the tissues, including the brain and spinal cord, where they function to aid overall body balance. This occurs through their powers in activating the CB2 receptor sites. The Hempanol components not only activate these receptors but also induce the development of further receptors, a novel property unique only to the truly raw extract. Plus, unlike all other extracts it`s rich in sterols and waxes. This is how it is found in nature. The waxes and sterols offer a slow-release system for the hemp active ingredients, which is ideal, particularly for those with sensitive systems.


How is CBD oil different?


Look for the term “decarboxylated”. This means the hemp extract has been extensively heat-treated. There is another unique aspect of this powerful complex: the source of the plant species. Hempanol is wild-source genetics. In other words, wild plants were developed and grown and then harvested. This is why it is the most potent, terpene- and biological substance-dense full hemp plant extract available. No other hemp-based supplement can compare.


Whole food extracts contain up to 400 ingredients. In isolates, including CBD oil, the number of active ingredients is greatly reduced. In some cases only CBD itself is found. There is no comparison. Only the whole food, unprocessed complex has the power and potency needed especially for supporting a healthy nervous system and also a healthy inflammation response, muscles, joint health, healthy digestive and immune response.