HempAlive 30ml


HempAlive 30 ml


Raw HempAlive is heirloom organic hemp oil extracted with CO2 plus raw spruce and pine resins. HempAlive is mycellized for complete absorption. Because it’s raw, all the nutrients are intact, including the enzymes and terpenes.

HempAlive is powerful to the extreme—for your better health.


Ingredients: Spring water, Organic mycellized hemp resin, Mycellized raw wild spruce resin, Mycellized raw wild pine resin, Sunflower seed vitamin E, Cinnamon & clove bud essence, Raw clover honey


HempAlive supports:

  • A whole body response
  • Healthy brain and nerve function


Directions: Take at least 5 drops under the tongue.

Price: 40 EUR

Hempanol 30ml

Hempanol 30ml

Raw, CO2 – extracted  



                              Supports a healthy whole body response


100% raw  CO2 – extracted organic hemp oil with raw, wild CO2 – extracted P73 oregano oil  Top source of CB2 receptor activator beta caryophyllene.


Hempanol is the highest grade whole food, organic hemp extract available. This is the CO2 extract of hemp, which means it is 100% raw. The CO2 extract captures all the key ingredients, including the full spectrum of cannabinoids and the all-important, super –potent terpene beta caryophyllene.


It is beta caryophyllene which is nature`s most potent activator of key cellular receptors known as CB2 receptors. The CB2 receptors are essential for activating a wide range of body functions. Their actions are critical for overall wellness and optimal health. The receptors are locatedstrategically in key organ systems, including the brain, spinal cord, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, ovaries, testes, heart, spleen, intestines, and lymphatic cells. Upon activation, the receptors aid the body in a vast number of ways, modulating inflammation, boosting immune function, enhancing circulation, stimulating digestion and improving neurological function. Support your health in every way possible through this potent formula. Feel the benefits of Hempanol to activate body functions where they are needed the most.


A true whole food substance, beta caryophyllene is the most potent natural CB2 receptor activator known. It is found in rich amounts in the two ingredients of this formula, CO2 hemp and CO2 wild oregano. The wild oregano P73 helps activate and synergize the hemp, which is the richest food source of beta caryophyllene known. Both wild oregano and hemp contain unique forms of caryophyllene molecules. Other key ingredients are the cannabinoids, with carvacrol, wild thymol and wild aromatic esters. It is P73 –fortified. That`s what makes Hempanol unique. Hempanol is a CBD –rich, crude, whole food, raw, unaltered form of hemp oil, with the full cannabinoid complex.


So take Hempanol as a daily supplement; use it to support the body`s needs. It is natural, organic, wild and raw. What could be more powerful than that?


Directions: Take 5 or more drops under the tongue or in juice/water once or twice daily or take 1 capsule once or twice daily with water or juice.


Price: 38 EUR

Hempanol PM

Hempanol PM30ml


hempanol caps

Hempanol  PM


Healthy rest for bedtime sleep support


To support a healthy sleep mechanism, there is nothing more powerful and sophisticated than Hempanol PM. Containing all that is needed to support nerve and brain health in a restful and calming way, Hempanol PM is the ideal nighttime formula. Consider the ingredients -- CO2 extracts of organic hempstalk plus CO2 extracts of highly aromatic New Zealand hops and chamomile, along with oil of cinnamon and CO2 wild oregano extract. Nothing could be more supportive for restfulness than this.


All these extracts are dense sources of natural complexes known as terpenes, the most sophisticated of which is the all-important, nerve-supporting substance known as beta caryophyllene. Other key nerve-supporting terpenes include limonene, linalool, and pinene. The terpenes are special molecules that are well absorbed by the body and are readily incorporated into nerve tissue: this is what makes them so potent. In addition, beta-caryophyllene and other terpenes directly interact with the CB2 receptors. It is the CB2 receptors which act as signaling systems for creating the necessary balance within the body. The CB2 receptors are found in the brain, spinal cord and bones.


Historically hemp extract has been used for relaxation support. In medieval times hops were specifically used for restfulness, while cinnamon has long been known as a therapy for nighttime calm. The same is true for chamomile, which has been used as a tea, historically, for relaxation support.


Hempanol PM contains a highly specialized kind of chamomile known as organic blue chamomile. The hops, too, is highly specialized, being organically raised, highly aromatic, remote-source New Zealand hops. The wild oregano is a form of P73 supercritical, cold extract, as is the hemp stalk extract, both 100% raw.


How to use Hempanol PM: at bedtime take a few drops under the tongue and hold there as long as possible.  Repeat as needed. Also use for restfulness when taking a nap. Do not use during the day when drowsiness is not desired. Do not use when driving or operating heavy equipment. Use it also during the day, in small amounts when extra calmness is needed.



30 ml 40 EUR

60 gelcaps 40 EUR

NutriHemp RAW 800g

NutriHemp RAW

NutriHemp RAWNutriHemp RAW





Protein Powder – PLUS with wild chaga, organic yacon and 15% raw berry powder

What a powerful, complete and sophisticated protein powder it is – NutriHEMP RAW. Your body needs complete protein for optimal health and to rebuild, especially for those who exercise. Yet, it is also needed by every cell in the body, just for maintenance.


NutriHEMP RAW is complete based on a combination of sprouted brown rice protein plus raw hemp protein – the most biologically powerful plant protein combination known. Fortified with stabilized organic flax, rice bran and rice germ, this is far more complete, nutritionally, as a protein powder than any other. Plus, NutriHEMP RAW also contains wild raw chaga, organic yacon and red sour grape, along with, importantly, 15% wild blueberry or raspberry powder by weight.                                                                     


This makes it potent beyond belief. This also increase its nutritional value and its absorption. What huge power and strength a person feels when taking it! A mere 4 tablespoons provides 16 grams of biologically available protein, plus a wide array of other nutrients, including dense amount of B vitamins, magnesium, and iron. B vitamins aid in protein digestion as well as assimilation. The organic yacon root powder plus blueberry or raspberry powder provides inulin (FOS), which stimulates the growth of the healthy bacteria. Also, wild blueberry and raspberry powders stimulate protein digestion and absorption.


A full list of the ingredients is as follows:


  • raw, organic sprouted brown rice powder

  • raw, organic hemp protein powder

  • rice bran/rice germ

  • organic yacon root powder

  • organic whole food brown rice powder

  • wild, raw chaga

  • unique red sour grape powder

  • wild blueberry or raspberry powder


With all such special wild components, including wild chaga, the ORAC is 38.400 per bottle for blueberry and 23.643 for raspberry.


Add almond/ rice milk/ water and drink daily.

Or add to smoothies or organic milk.

Great in yogurt or over cottage cheese.

An ideal addition to a raw egg shake.

Also add to cereal.

May also be used in baking to fortify foods.

It`s ideal as a breakfast by itself, for people on the go, dieters and athletes.

Truly a whole food!

See the difference quickly in stamina, strength, hair, skin and especially nails.


Price: 49 EUR

Hempanol Spice Oil 355ml

Hempanol 30ml
Aromatic oil – fortified

Shelf - stable omega oil essential fatty acid complex – plus
There is nothing like Hempanol Omega Spice Oil as a key essential fatty acid complex for overall health. This is organic, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, combined with supercritical hemp extract along with other key plant extracts that contain naturally-occurring cannabinoids, including extracts of wild oregano, rosemary, turmeric and holy basil. This makes the organic hemp seed oil extra potent. It also gives it a long shelf life, so it won`t oxidize. In fact, Hempanol Omega Spice Oil is so stable that, unlike other hemp seed oil
supplements, it requires no refrigeration.
Hempseed oil is a top source of critical essential fatty acids, needed by all cells and cell membranes for the maintenance of optimal health. Essential fatty acids are required for proper protein digestion and assimilation and help support the function of the entire digestive tract. These oils are also essential for healthy skin, hair and nails, and in fact, help beautify these components of the human body.
Furthermore, hemp seed oil is a top source of gamma linolenic acid, a key fatty acid for the health of all the key elements of a healthy anti-inflammatory response. This critical essential fatty acid is also needed for optimal support of a healthy hormone system, including the organs of seks and fertility. Women with ovarian disorders know very well the value of gamma linolenic acid to support ovarian health and also to support a healthy transition during menopause.
Gamma linolenic acid is actually essential for all people, including adult males and children. For children it is a growth factor needed for building healthy cells. Fairly rare, gamma linolenic acid is found in relatively few foods, mainly seeds and seed oils, of which hemp seed is among the richest sources.
The spice oils in Hempanol Omega Spice Oil make it super-charged for supporting healthy immune function and healthy hormonal status, as well as the health of the endocrine system. These fatty acids are different from fish oils, as they are essential for cellular health, and without them, the cells and cell membranes degenerate. It`s special, because unlike other hemp seed oils it`s shelf-stable, never requiring refrigeration.
So take your Hempanol Omega Spice Oil for optimal health, at least a tablespoonful daily for adults, a teaspoonful for children. Stir it into tomato or V-8 juice for a spicy drink: for your better health.


Price: 34 EUR

Hempanol De-Stress Shot 50ml

Wild-source extract


De – stress  Shot




Full spectrum hemp complex * Turmeric & ginger fortified *

Mind & body relaxation support


What a unique formula it is. This is a specialized, water-soluble form of raw, organic hemp plant extract. Containing the full profile of phytochemicals, including all the hemp-based terpens, beta carophyllene, pinene, linalool, and limonene, as well as over 60 novel cannabinoids for feeding the endocannabinoid system, it is potent. Fortified with freeze-dried, organic wild turmeric, organic ginger and natural, organic cinnamon bark extract, it is a super food formula, ideal for combating stress and for supporting a natural relaxation response: internally calm but still strong and alert.


The specialized extracts of turmeric, ginger and cinnamon are specialized, too. These are 100:1 extracts, giving the optimal potency you need for a quick shot of de-stress action. As well, organic, freeze-dried turmeric supports a healthy cognitive response, and the research is in on cinnamon: it supports brain health, too, while also supporting a healthy blood sugar response. Ginger is no minor addition. It supports a healthy digestive and inflammation response. It becomes clear why Hempanol De-Stress is such a powerhouse for not only mental stress response but also the overall body response, including a digestive and whole-body hormone response. It is a hormone glands which modulate stress, and turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and of course hemp extracts all aid this. Plus, all these natural extracts are terpene rich, which feeds the endocannabinoid system.


Hempanol De-Stress shot is specially formulated for the person on the go. With its 50-ml shot, only a small amount is necessary, like one fourth, so you get four shots from one container. Feel the relaxation response your body needs. Feel also the energized calm. Support your natural focus response, all by feeding your natural endocannabinoid system, which is especially deficient in our high-stress, on-the-go environment and is depleted by blue light from computers and cellphones. Replenish what your nervous system needs, with Hempanol De-Stress Shot, and the feel the raw, organic hemp extract difference.


How to use Hempanol De-Stress: It`s potent, so usually a small shot, ideally a teaspoon, is sufficient. Take more, as desired.


  • non-GMO
  • 100% ra wand freeze-dried
  • organically sourced
  • solvent-free
  • sustainably harvested


Price: 11,50 EUR

Hempanol Cream 60ml


Hempanol Cream

60 ml


Hempanol Cream  is a powerful formula, based on the powers of raw, organic CO2 hemp and wild oregano extracts fortified with wild nettle seed oil.

It also has the rejuvenating powers of propolis, wild essential oils and wild honey.


Ingredients: purified water, Canadian wildflower honey, wild nettle oil, organic CO2 hemp, organic CO2 oregano, propolis, royal jelly, St. John`s wort oil, wild Oreganol P73, wild lavender & myrtle oils, essence of Canadian balsam, pollen and lanolin.


Hempanol Cream combines the finest, natural and raw ingredients.


Use it to support the health of the skin but also for healthy inflammation and injury support.


People rave about it, because it is so reliable and effective..


Take advantage of it for your entire body and keep in mind that hemp plant extract is

highly transdermal to support a healthy inflammation and anti-pain response.

Price: 39 EUR