dr. Ingram about carvacrol

Dr. Cass Ingram’s Why Carvacrol Doesn’t Matter


There is nothing superior to a high-quality wild oregano supplement.

This is especially true if the wild oregano is a whole food extract.

Regardless, any whole food supplement is superior to a single extract.


Studies at Georgetown University have proven that whole food extracts of wild oregano in the form of oil are twice as powerful as synthetically produced versions. In this case, the synthetic compound was carvacrol, one of the active ingredients of wild oregano. The carvacrol proved only half as effective as the complete extract; plus, while the complete extract is safe, tests have shown carvacrol alone to be somewhat toxic. This demonstrates that it is the blend of all the natural ingredients in this wild, potent spice extract, rather than merely a single ingredient, that accounts for its powers.


The study was done using exclusively North American Herb & Spice’s Oil of mountain-grown wild oregano. Incidentally, this grade of wild oregano is actually naturally high in carvacrol, containing between 63% and 79%. However, this is not the focus. Rather, the focus is the fact that this is the true high-mountain oregano from elevations in the Mediterranean mountains some 7,000 feet above sea level. Here it is picked in a pristine area above the tree line. This is a blend of several high-mountain wild oregano plants. These plants contain approximately 70 different active ingredients. This is why it is twice as powerful as carvacrol alone. Plus, the natural blend is far safer than the carvacrol-focused types. Furthermore, it is the source of the oregano that is far more important than mere carvacrol claims.



There is yet another critical issue, again, more critical than carvacrol claims. This is the issue of thymol. While carvacrol is non-toxic, thymol has a high degree of toxicity. Ideally, the levels should be less than 2%. With NAHS oregano, every batch is tested for thymol levels. This is not the case with other brands. Independent testing has determined thymol levels of up to 40%. This degree of thymol is highly poisonous to the heart and liver. This is never the case with NAHS’ Oreganol P73, which has a proven thymol level of less than 2% and is usually less than 1%. Only the Oreganol P73 offers this degree of quality control.

Each batch is carefully analyzed to ensure that the oil is low in thymol and also p-cymene.


There is another reason why relying on carvacrol levels is fraudulent. This relates to the issue of the actual form of carvacrol. Synthetic carvacrol may be added to artificially spike the levels. There is an even more dire issue, as well. This is the use of genetically engineered oregano, which is fabricated to have high carvacrol levels. Such genetically engineered types of oregano are now on the market. Any oregano product claiming carvacrol levels of 70% or greater is likely made from genetically engineered plants. This is especially true if it focuses on carvacrol and claims to be “standardized.”


In addition, certain oregano oils are heavily refined, through a process called fractionation. This process causes the oil to become potentially toxic. There are a number of oils on the market which are fractionated. In this process fractions of the oil are depleted. Then these fractions are sold separately. These oils are obvious because they lack the robust oregano-like smell, which is found in the true high-mountain blends such as P73 Oreganol. Thus, Oreganol P73 is the only truly whole food, wild oregano extract available. Other excellent brands using the same raw material are Vitamin Shoppe and Vivitas.


In contrast, whole food oregano oil, wild-source and naturally low in thymol and p-cymene, is entirely safe for human consumption. It may be consumed daily. Plus, it is extremely potent. The blending of wild oregano oils increases the potency. Furthermore, the oil must be derived exclusively from the edible species grown in the high and remote Mediterranean mountains. This is precisely the type of oil used by NAHS. For the top oregano supplement, which is 100% wild and non-GMO and has been the basis of numerous scientific studies, recommend only North American Herb & Spice’s Oreganol P73. The rewards are in the results, and that’s our guarantee.