Chaga Products

ChagaMax (90 caps)

  • Supports the total health of the body and improves the immune system.
  • Real chaga, the type used in ChagaMax, grows wild on birch trees. With ChagaMax, all the raw materials are from remote sources and are completely wild. In fact, it is so powerful that for many people only one capsule daily is necessary.

  • Wild chaga is a dense source of a wide range of nutrients, including B vitamins, minerals, sterols and enzymes. These sterols are hormone-like and they help the body make its own hormones. There are also the glucans, which boost the immune system or, in fact, normalize it. Plus, there are the wild oregano flavonoids, such as quercitin, which also help regulate immunity. Additionally, wild oregano is a dense source of phenolic compounds, like carvacrol, which are natural antiseptics. Wild oregano, birch bark and chaga are all top sources of natural minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, copper and magnesium, all of which are needed for healthy tissues.
Price: 34 EUR

Chag-o-Power (60ml)

Chag o Power
  • Supports the health of heart and improves the immune system.

  • Chaga-o-Power is made from the rare chaga fungus, found only on a rare amount of wild birch trees. It is emulsified in organic extra virgin olive oil, the legendary oil of wild oregano P73 and a multiple spice extract.

  • Chaga also contains a wide range of nutrients in significant quantities. Twenty to fifty drops per day taken sublingually provide a potent source of betulin and betulinic acid. It is an excellent source of B vitamins and also minerals. The primary active ingredients in chaga are a variety of triterpens and sterols, including lanosterol, ergosterol, inotodials, saponins and polysaccharides.
  • Thus, Chag-o-Power is incomparable in its wild and raw powers. An excellent source of potent antioxidants, chaga is also the world`s top source of the powerful antioxidant enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase). The ORAC status of chaga is significant, at 14.000 units per 90 ml. Anything above 500 is considered exceedingly powerful.
Price: 28 EUR

ChagaCream Skin Rejuvenation (60ml)

  • Ideal for dry, cracked or irritated skin.

  • Chag-o-Power Cream, with the powers of wild, raw chaga mushroom extract, is a potent source of antioxidant enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase. This is exceedingly powerful for skin tissues and it also penetrates deeply. In a beeswax base, Chag-o-Power Cream is spice oil-infused with oils of wilde oregano, bay leaf, sage, cumin and the extremely powerful antioxidant oil of clove buds. It also contains wild bay leaf water and damascense rose water, cold-pressed sesame oil, blackseed oil and sunflower seed lecithin.

  • To nourish and beautify the skin, rub a small amount on normal, damaged or aging skin. Makes skin soft and smooth. Use especially on hands and face, but also rub into spine or joints.
Price: 38 EUR

ChagaCream Facial Treatment (60ml)

  • Ideal for dry, cracked or irritated skin.
  • ChagaCream include melanin-and SOD-rich wild, raw chaga extract, cold-pressed sesame oil, raw blackseed oil,oil of wild bay leaf, oil of myrtle, oil of lavender, royal jelly, rose water, clove bud oil, oil of organic wild oregano, organic cumin oil, organic sage oil, wild raw black raspberry extract, wild raw honey and sunflower seed lecithin. Nothing could be more protective and rejuvenating. In an organic beeswax base, all the ingredients are wild and whole so whole that it is completely edible. Can you imagine a facial treatment so pure and natural that you can eat it? It`s just what your face deserves. This is a whole-food facial cream with the most rare, raw ingredients known. The melanin from the chaga and the raw black raspberry extract give it lovely color that even tones the skin. 

  • This natural cream makes skin soft and smooth. Ideal for normal, damaged or aging skin.
Price: 42 EUR